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Surface Imperfections

30 x Unique Surface Imperfection Maps rendered in both Black and White heavy versions, plus the same 30 x imperfection maps but in Seamless Versions X/Y or Both

To the left is an example render, with our surface imperfections volume 1 in action. Pretty cool right. Go check them out.


Cinematic LUT Pack

This pack performs at its best with SLOG 2/3 Shooters, however, some of these work with Black Magic Film & VLOG footage too.

  • 21 Top Quality LUTs included
  • Designed for SLOG Users (Some LUTS work with VLOG and BM-Film)
  • Most looks preserve skin tones
  • 3DL & Cube files (re-named for use in Premiere CC)
  • Included Jack Buck’s ILY LUT

Octane Log [Pre-LUT]

VH Octane Log for Octane Render Engine is designed to simulate REDRAW or Sony Colour and contrast when shooting in Log. This means if you shoot log and render log you can apply the same looks/LUTs to both captured footage and renders


Grounded Volume 1 [Incl 10]

  • 10 Premium Ground Style Textures taken from our library & their variations
  • 5 Maps for each texture included (Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Height, Ambient Occlusion)
  • All Seemingly Seamless
  • Vary in resolution
  • Hand Picked selection for that will be very useful in your 3D Projects

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