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    All Textures Jan-Sept 2019 On Sale

    For a limited period of time, we will be selling all of our textures created from January to September. We will have big packs like this in the future. Maybe year volumes, but here is you chance to grab a bargain get all of our textures and patterns for £42.99. This doesn’t include our surface...
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    Sony FX9 Announced – Stocked DEC 2019

    So interesting news is out! Sony have announced the successor to the FS7, which is already an epic camera. As it’s not out for people yet, it’s pointless talking about the image. though from what we have seen it’s beautiful. Like, it’s playing with the big boys but for a fraction of the cost. Whats...
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    Maxon’s Cinema 4D R21 Released

    Cinema 4D R21 Released and ready for people to try/buy yesterday. This should be exciting news for people that want to start getting into 3D. Maxon Customers with Perpetual Versions of Cinema 4D are still waiting to hear on upgrade paths, but as soon as we know we let you know. https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench-r20-overview/maxon-news/art...
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    Bricked Volume 1 – Updated

    We have just updated our Brick Texture pack Bricked. It now features 4 brand new textures. That’s now 14 great brick walls for your projects. To those who have already bought Volume 1, go ahead to your account and you should see new textures added ready for download. For you newbies, it’s only 49p extra...
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    September Textures – Batch 1

    Here is the first batch of new VFXHUT textures for September, Every month we try to aim to produce a minimum of 6 New textures. We are now looking to create Yearly packs, so you can download all the textures we make in 2019, 2020, 2021…etc....
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    All Textures Updated! – Glossiness Maps Added

    Today we have added Glossiness maps to all our textures. Some people requested that they didn’t want the extra step of inverting a roughness texture, so we decided to just throw it in. We recommend using invert nodes using engines such as octane if you want to use both roughness and gloss maps as it...
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    Back to JPG

    After extensive testing and talking to partners and owners of other sites we have found that there really isn’t any point uploading 4K textures at sizes of 200-380mb not at our price point anyway. So we have gone into each texture and compressed into high-quality JPG files. These are more manageable and great for expanding...
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    Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic & Substance

    Adobe has again supprised and scared lots of people by taking over the whole Substance suite by Allegorithmic. From the media it seems we will be okay to keep the product subscriptions separate,  being customers of both Adobe and Allegorithmic this makes us happy. There is some speculation on expanding the Adobe suite by adding...