How do I log into my membership account - I have paid for yearly or lifetime?

We have two websites - make sure your logging into the right one. VFX Hut Store: Unlimited Library: You can always find the unlimited library on the top navigation bar, which will take you to the membership site.

I have been sent a download notification again, after purchasing the product a month ago, this normal?

This is normal if you bought one of our special packs, for example, "surface imperfections volume 1". They get updated over time and you get sent a new download link if new files are added, improved or modified.

Zip Files are not Unzipping?

Two main factors cause this to happen. The first most popular reason is the software used to unzip the zip files. We recommend 7Zip due to the compression we have used. Secondly, a system with 16GB of RAM is ideal for unzipping the larger volumes.

Can I use VFXhut content for commercial purposes, such as in a still, animation, video, game design, film or printed media?

Yes, all VFXhut products can be used for anything commercial providing you went through our shopping cart system and received an order number for the textures bought.

Can I redistribute VFXhut content, modified or unmodified?

This one has to be a No, where would the fun in that be. VFXhut content cannot be distributed in other texture packs or, placed within a software package or open source game. We can sell a license to you that allow you to be a reseller, Get in touch. But paying for the texture only allows you to use in or as part of a “Work”.

Can I use VFXhut Textures on my 3D models/scenes then sell them on a model website, i.e.; Turbosquid?

Sorry, it’s a no again. This is still a way of reselling, re-distribution.

Can I use VFXhut content after my paid membership has ended? (Future Memberships)

Yes! Once bought, use them as much as you want in as many projects as you want, providing you went through our shopping cart and legitimately bought each texture or was part of our membership plans.

Can I use VFXhut content from Freebies for commercial purposes?

Nope, you guessed it a catch. It’s a good way to test our textures out and also play with them if you do 3D for fun. Yes you can post on your Snapchat or Insta, but if you make so much as a penny from them, its commercial baby ;).

Can I use the assets in a trademarked logo?

Try it! Nope. Problem is not with us its other companies, we would love to say yes but say the people who make drinks decide to have a wooden logo then they see that same wood in other places. Angry pants!